Customers love EDDYCAM – testimonials

Brown-haired woman wears a black elk-leather strap which carries a camera

What prominent photographers say about our elk-skin straps

Dieter Glogowski

Well-known Himalayan photographer, TV and film journalist Dieter Glogowski ( tested an EDDYCAM camera strap for six weeks on one of his trips – and now utterly loves the elk-skin strap’s excellent ergonomics:

I tested an EDDYCAM strap on my Mark III camera during a production in Nepal in May 2013. After six weeks of extreme use with a heavy 100-400 mm zoom lens, its outstanding wearability has completely won me over. The heavy camera has never felt so light and comfortable to carry. The soft elk-skin left my entire neck feeling relaxed for the whole day. It even withstood significantly cold and wet conditions. From now on, I’m going to change all of my cases to EDDYCAM straps!
Petra Stadler

Press and advertising photographer Petra Stadler (, who has worked on brands such as Mercedes Benz and photographed major sports figures like Michael Schumacher, is also delighted with the EDDYCAM elk-skin camera strap:

Elk test successful – now I can’t do without it! EDDYCAM is a real relief in terms of comfort. And despite its exceptional functionality, the elk-skin strap is trendy and eye-catching, literally making my daily routine more attractive. The camera strap even looks great with a sophisticated outfit on the red carpet or in similar situations.

Many other customers love and appreciate their EDDYCAM camera straps

A patient told me about EDDYCAM elk-skin camera straps – and lo and behold, I’m a fan! They completely relieve pressure on your cervical vertebrae, with no rubbing or chafing. The camera stays where I want it to be and is comfortable to carry – a soothing experience!

Hajo S., chiropractor from Rüsselsheim

The elk-skin leather is quite simply a hit! I feel like my EDDYCAM camera strap will see me through the rest of my photographic career.

I tested an EDDYCAM with my Hasselblad H4D with a 35 mm lens for up to ten hours on three consecutive days. I found that all of the pressure was compensated by the rubber padding and soft elk-skin – I would definitely recommend it!

The elk-skin camera strap is elegant, professional and high quality to the utmost degree.

My new camera strap from EDDYCAM feels wonderful with my Olympus OM-D, looks good, and is beautifully made.

You can’t feel any pressure on your shoulders or around your neck – recommended!

I thought for a long time about whether I should treat myself to an EDDYCAM. Now my Olympus E-M5 hangs on a black elk-skin strap. It doesn’t get better than this!

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