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EDDYCAM "plate 1"

For cameras without a second attachment point Manufactured for Sling-2 + Sling-3 and for all EDDYCAM camera straps. The quality high-end camera plate, “plate 1” was specifically designed for EDDYCAM. This plate is compatible with UniQ/C compatibly “Arca-Swiss- Standard”. Making it possible to directly place the plate into the tripod, for example: Novoflex, FLM, Berlebach, some Gitzo and some Manfrotto. Plate 1 consist of two pieces for attachment of the EDDYCAM Sling hand straps and EDDYCAM camera straps. For protection of the camera housing against scratches Plate 1 has two elastic layers made out of hard rubber. Also preventing any tangling of the plate. Made in Germany

compatible: Camera Quick Release Systems compatible with UniQ/C

Quick Release Systems made by manufacturers which are partner in the UniQ/C initiative are compatible together. Therefore the clamping plates of one of the manufacturers can be also used with the quick release couplings of another manufacturer that is compatible with UniQ/C. In 2012 the Berlebach, CULLMANN, FLM, Linhof and Novoflex agreed to keep their Quick Release Systems compatible to each other and created the the brand „UniQ/C“. As a result every user of a UniQ/C compatible product is free to use the product of other manufacturers that follow the UniQ/C initiative. UniQ/C means Universal and Quick Coupling. The slash symbolizes the dovetail. In the meantime, the following system components that are UniQ/C compatibly are available on the market. UniQ/C-kompatible Schwalbenschwanzplatten


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