EDDYCAM: The camera strap that fits you

42mm Fashion black-yellow

# 4277 EDDYCAM camera strap 42mm for lightweight DSLR and bridge cameras / soft-moose-leather / black

The black version is all black, black leather ends and yellow webbing.

The 42mm EDDYCAM camera strap is made for lightweight DSLR and bridge cameras, such as Nikon series, Canon series, Sony series, Olympus series, Fujifilm series, Panasonic series, Pentax series and other cameras up to max. 2.8lb (1.3kg). The elk leather pad is 11.8" (30cm), the overall length of the black nylon strap is 51" (130cm) long. Additionally, it comes with two black stainless steel clips, for adjusting the length of your strap. EDDYCAM 42mm is also suitable for binoculars.


Collection combines elegance with maximum functionality. Leather in – and outside are available in a single- colour or two-toned. The collection’s seam has the same colour like the upper surface of the strap. Matching the leather end cap, the nylon strap is kept in fashionable black.

Comfort for individualist

Eddycam = the camera strap out of Finnish moose/elk leather for high expectations. The EDDYCAM - an ergonomically formed camera strap system made of Finnish elk leather - was developed to provide an outstanding comfortable fit. Elk leather is especially thick, elastic, skin-friendly and has an exceptional breathability. The patented lines, created together with orthopaedists, are so formed that you can easily carry it on your shoulder, around your neck or diagonally as a strap backpack. Furthermore, the comfort of the EDDYCAM is provided by its wide strap, which is filled with a natural and solvent free rubber padding. All EDDYCAM elk-skin camera straps are produced in a small Bavarian manufacture. Here every single stage of production is carefully carried out by hand to create a high-quality – nearly indestructible - designer piece for the everyday photographer life. During the handcraft the high-quality materials as elk leather, the leather end pieces from cowhide and the nylon connection tapes are sewn five times with special thread. This guarantees a tensile strength of 4,700N. The thermo fixation makes the nylon-connection tapes extremely strong. Four high-grade stainless steel clips allows the photographer to adjust the length of the strap and offers a secure hold without limitation in every situation.

The idea behind the strap

Behind EDDYCAM are a handful of dedicated, skilled employees and Edlef Wienen. Closely involved with the world of photography since his early childhood. Not only did he lend his name to the brand, he actually invented the elk-skin camera strap. Knowledge about what the most sophisticated photographers need and a passion for extraordinary beautiful, long-lasting natural products motivated Edlef Wienen to develop a new, absolutely reliable camera strap. And so out of decades of experience, the finest Scandinavian elk-skin, high quality german-made components and a lot of passion came EDDYCAM – a uniquely comfortable, sturdy camera strap with an unmistakeable look.


42mm FASHION black/yellow Stainless steel clips (2x), Linen bag, booklet

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