EDDYCAM is the world’s first and only ergonomic elk-skin camera strap. The EDDYCAM camera strap was developed for discerning individualists with different preferences and needs. The straps are available in four different model ranges: monochrome and two-tone, with and without contrast stitching. The camera strap itself is available in eight colours – making a total of nearly 100 versions. The straps come in four widths, ensuring that the right strap is available for every camera model and wearer. And incidentally: EDDYCAM camera straps are also ideal for binoculars.
Elk-skin is one of the thickest leathers there is – very sturdy and almost indestructible. At the same time, almost no other leather is as fine and soft as elk-skin.
The strap is very comfortable to wear, extremely durable and also a highly individual camera accessory. Thanks to EDDYCAM, you can carry your camera for hours without any pulling on your neck or shoulder – our elk-skin camera straps are extraordinarily supple. This comfort is not least due to the built-in natural rubber padding and the ability to precisely adjust the strap using high quality stainless steel clips. For the most part, our camera straps are also produced by hand in a small manufacturing workshop in Bavaria. EDDYCAM is “made in Germany”. Find out more about how our camera straps are manufactured.
Years of experience in photography and photographic equipment went into the design of our camera straps. The high quality of the handmade elk-skin camera straps is largely achieved through the materials used. For example, our tannery in Finland only selects the best hides to be worked. EDDYCAM straps also undergo many stringent quality checks before they are shipped.
The elk-skin camera strap can be used anywhere – EDDYCAM is an (almost) indestructible camera accessory, whether in stifling heat, icy cold or high humidity. Because the durable leather is coated with a special wax, our straps are unaffected by even the most adverse weather conditions. This treatment makes EDDYCAM straps particularly low maintenance and easy to clean. You can learn more about cleaning your elk-skin camera strap here.
The EDDYCAM company sources elk-skin leather from a tannery in Finland. Only Scandinavian elk-skin is used for production. The hides come from wild elk hunted under strict constraints. The elk is a common, non-endangered species in northern Europe. Due to a lack of natural predators, elk must be hunted to control the population and protect forests.