EDDYCAM is the world’s first and only ergonomic elk-skin camera strap. The EDDYCAM camera strap was developed for discerning individualists with different preferences and needs. The straps are available in four different model ranges: monochrome and two-tone, with and without contrast stitching. The camera strap itself is available in eight colours – making a total of nearly 100 versions. The straps come in four widths, ensuring that the right strap is available for every camera model and wearer. And incidentally: EDDYCAM camera straps are also ideal for binoculars.
Elk-skin is one of the thickest leathers there is – very sturdy and almost indestructible. At the same time, almost no other leather is as fine and soft as elk-skin.
The strap is very comfortable to wear, extremely durable and also a highly individual camera accessory. Thanks to EDDYCAM, you can carry your camera for hours without any pulling on your neck or shoulder – our elk-skin camera straps are extraordinarily supple. This comfort is not least due to the built-in natural rubber padding and the ability to precisely adjust the strap using high quality stainless steel clips. For the most part, our camera straps are also produced by hand in a small manufacturing workshop in Bavaria. EDDYCAM is “made in Germany”. Find out more about how our camera straps are manufactured.
Years of experience in photography and photographic equipment went into the design of our camera straps. The high quality of the handmade elk-skin camera straps is largely achieved through the materials used. For example, our tannery in Finland only selects the best hides to be worked. EDDYCAM straps also undergo many stringent quality checks before they are shipped.
The elk-skin camera strap can be used anywhere – EDDYCAM is an (almost) indestructible camera accessory, whether in stifling heat, icy cold or high humidity. Because the durable leather is coated with a special wax, our straps are unaffected by even the most adverse weather conditions. This treatment makes EDDYCAM straps particularly low maintenance and easy to clean. You can learn more about cleaning your elk-skin camera strap here.
The EDDYCAM company sources elk-skin leather from a tannery in Finland. Only Scandinavian elk-skin is used for production. The hides come from wild elk hunted under strict constraints. The elk is a common, non-endangered species in northern Europe. Due to a lack of natural predators, elk must be hunted to control the population and protect forests.
EDDYCAM camera straps are designed for particularly discerning customers. Both ambitious amateur photographers and professional photographers need to be absolutely satisfied with their elk-skin camera straps - which means that the strap must fit perfectly. This is why the strap is available in four different widths. You can choose the strap to fit you, depending on your build and height and the camera model you use. Every EDDYCAM model is available in all sizes. The different lines are all a pleasure to look at. With EDDYCAM, everyone can find their favourite camera strap, whether it’s monochrome, two-tone or with interesting colour contrasts!

EDDYCAM MONOCHROME: These straps come in a single colour with brown leather ends and webbing. The straps are supplied with stainless steel clips and in six colours. Go to straps.

EDDYCAM PREMIUM: These strap models feature natural coloured, extra soft inner sides. Contrast stitching makes the Premium straps something special. A choice of six colours is available; the leather ends and webbing are brown. All straps come with stainless steel clips. View straps.

EDDYCAM FASHION: These straps feature special colour combinations. Choose interesting colour contrasts or stay with your camera manufacturer’s colours. The leather ends and webbing are black, and the stainless steel clips are black powder-coated. Choose between stitching in the same colour as the leather (FASHION -1-) or striking contrast stitching (FASHION -2-). Go to straps.

EDDYCAM 35mm: A special strap for a special type of camera. The EDDYCAM 35mm was developed particularly for high quality, low-weight cameras such as the Leica M. The colours are based on the most popular manufacturers of these cameras. The extra thin leather pad is 35 mm wide and 43 cm long. Your EDDYCAM 35mm comes with an exclusive leather camera cover. View straps.

EDDYCAM camera straps are cut to fit your body. To ensure the best possible weight distribution, our straps are widest at the points with the heaviest load. For maximum comfort, it is therefore important to choose the correct strap width. The soft elk-skin and built-in rubber padding will make your camera feel lighter than with traditional camera straps.

EDDYCAM S (33 mm wide): Choose this width for easy-to-handle, low-weight cameras such as compact cameras or small bridge cameras. With these straps, the leather pad is 29.5 cm long.

EDDYCAM M (42 mm wide): This width is suitable for large bridge cameras or non-reflex system cameras with light lenses. With these straps, the leather pad is 29.5 cm long.

EDDYCAM L (60 mm wide): Straps of this width are recommended for all types of SLR camera. The leather pad is 43 cm long.

Width Suitable for Weight Protection Clamps Length
33 mm Lightweight Cameras & Binoculars 0,3 - 0,8 kg (0,6 - 1,8 lb) - 2 140 cm (55")
35 mm LEICA-M, FUJI-X, SONY A7, ... 0,5 - 1,2 kg (1,0 - 2,6 lb) 2 4 155 cm (61")
42 mm Mirrorless Cameras & Binoculars 0,4 - 1,3 kg (0,8 - 2,8 lb) - 2 140 cm (55")
50 mm Reflex & Mirrorless Cameras 0,7 - 3,0 kg (1,5 - 7,0 lb) 2 4 155 cm (61")
60 mm Reflex Cameras & Copter Monitor 0,9 - 5,0 kg (1,9 - 12 lb) - 4 155 cm (61")
SLiNG Handstrap for all types of cameras 0,3 - 3,0 kg (0,6 - 7,0 lb) - - -

EDDYCAM 35mm (35 mm wide): This strap is designed for particularly high quality, low-weight cameras such as the Leica M. The leather pad of this very thin strap is 43 cm long. An exclusive leather camera cover is also included in the delivery.

A 42 mm wide size “M” is suitable for medium sized binoculars (up to approx. 10 x 42). Alternatively, you can opt for the exclusive EDDYCAM 35mm. Size “L” (60 mm) EDDYCAM straps make large and heavy night-vision binoculars very comfortable to carry even over long distances.
Our elk-skin camera straps are available in our online shop on this website and from authorised photographic retailers. A complete list of retailers is available here.

Your strap is shipped on the day your order is placed or your payment is received. Straps are delivered by DHL – in most cases, on the following day. DHL also delivers to remote areas such as the German islands or up into the mountains without a surcharge.

Learn how we prepare our EDDYCAM camera straps for shipping:

You can pay conveniently via PayPal, credit card or advance transfer. In Germany and Austria you can also pay via SOFORT Überweisung. Payment by cash on delivery is also available within Germany.
You can send your EDDYCAM elk-skin camera strap back to us within 14 days of receipt, shipping charges for any return must be paid by the customer. On request we will email you a shipping label to print out. For more information, please see our general terms and conditions.
Yes, we sell custom-made products. You can request a custom-designed EDDYCAM camera strap once you have ordered a minimum of 50 straps of the same type. Please expect a lead time of three to four months. For more information on custom straps, please contact our team.
EDDYCAM camera straps are comfortable to wear even in extreme conditions due to their particular shape. You decide how you prefer to carry your camera for maximum comfort. There are essentially three possible ways:
  1. Over your shoulder
  2. Around your neck
  3. Diagonally across your body

There are two ways to attach an EDDYCAM camera strap to your camera, depending on the camera model.

For cameras with fixed eyelets or circular/triangular rings for a 12 mm strap, follow the instructions below:
  1. Pull the stainless steel clips up as far as they will go on each side.
  2. Arrange the camera strap as you intend to wear it.
  3. Feed the connecting band through the steel clip from underneath.
  4. Thread the strap through the steel clip by reinserting it on the other side of the clip.
  5. Then pull the band through the eyelet on the camera itself, or through the circular/triangular ring that will be attached to the camera eyelet later.
  6. Pull the band first through the lower opening of the steel clip, then through the upper steel clip.
  7. Finally, tighten the connecting band.
  8. To finish up, check that the strap is securely attached.

Some EDDYCAM models have two stainless steel clips on each side. These are used to safely attach even the heaviest camera models, but essentially to secure excess webbing.

If your camera only has small circular eyelets and no connecting rings (e.g. Leica M), please order these rings in the “special accessories” section of our online shop. Then simply attach the strap using the process described above.

To perfectly adjust the strap and ensure that the webbing is arranged identically on both sides, simply follow the directions below:
  1. Pull the stainless steel clips up as far as they will go on each side.
  2. Put the camera strap on as you plan to wear it later.
  3. All it takes to find the right length is to move the stainless steel clips until they are at the same height as you want your camera to sit.
  4. Take the strap off and mark the bottom of the stainless steel clip with a pen. Then push the clip upwards again.
  5. Fold the strap so that both leather ends are laid exactly on top of each other. You can now transfer the precise length to the webbing on the other side.
  6. Then pull the webbing through the eyelet on the camera (or the eyelet on the connecting ring) from the outside. The eyelets should sit at the marked points.
  7. Now pull the stainless steel clips to around halfway up the overlaying webbing and thread this through the clip. Slacken the webbing a little from the top to do this.
  8. Finally, check that the strap is firmly attached.
Some EDDYCAM models have two stainless steel clips on each side. These are used to safely attach even the heaviest camera models, but essentially to secure excess webbing.

Caution: if you plan to wear your camera strap diagonally across your body, we recommend not cutting the strap. For this you will need the camera strap to be as long as possible

However, if you still decide to shorten the strap, please follow these instructions. Carefully cut off excess webbing using scissors and heat the ends (e.g. over a flame) to melt the individual fibres. Be careful not to injure yourself or damage the strap. Find out the best way to shorten the strap in this video (video link “Shorten strap”).

We use fully imbued leather for our camera straps. This process makes the elk-skin particularly soft and touchable, and preserves a natural appearance. Our camera straps are thus extremely colourfast – there is no need to worry during normal use. However, there may be some slight colour bleeding if you wear the strap for a particularly long time, in extremely high heat or if you sweat excessively.
EDDYCAM elk-skin camera straps were designed for use in extreme conditions. This means that an EDDYCAM can withstands these conditions very well. The edges of the camera strap are designed to cause the lowest possible friction against your skin. The EDDYCAM may absorb sweat or rain like a sponge in extreme humidity. This is harmless. Simply leave your elk-skin strap to air-dry at normal room temperature for one or two days. Hairdryers, radiators, irons, microwaves and tumble dryers are not suitable for drying the strap as this could damage the leather.
Carefully wipe your elk-skin camera strap with a soft, dam cloth to remove dirt. This video guide shows you how to quickly and easily clean your EDDYCAM (video link “Cleaning”).
EDDYCAM camera straps do not require any special care. Simple make sure that you store the strap in a dry, shady place, particularly if not using the strap for a long period. If stored in a camera bag, please leave this open. The EDDYCAM camera strap has undergone very intense UV testing. The material did not show any fatigue or colour changes even after long periods. However, we still recommend not leaving the elk-skin strap in constant sunlight on a windowsill or outside.
Any time by e-mail at info@eddycam.com or weekdays from 9am to 4pm at tel. +49 (0)6722 944 3331.