EDDYCAM: Perfection through passion

Elk-leather camera strap with elk logo.
Edlef Wienen

Behind EDDYCAM are a handful of dedicated, skilled employees and two perfectly suited, highly specialist partner firms: our elk-skin leather producer and supplier, and a small Bavarian workshop that transforms hand-picked raw materials and components into exclusive camera straps to our specifications.

But also behind EDDYCAM is Edlef Wienen, an experienced businessman in the photographic sector, a passionate photographer, a renowned specialist in professional FT/MFT format camera systems, and closely involved with the world of photography since his early childhood. Not only did he lend his name to the brand, he actually invented the elk-skin camera strap.

The idea behind the strap

Spool out of elk-leather straps.

Knowledge about what the most discriminating photographers need and a passion for extraordinary beautiful, long-lasting natural products drove Edlef Wienen to develop a new, absolutely reliable camera strap. Drawing inspiration from exclusive elk-skin bags and fashion accessories, Wienen decided to use this high quality natural material for his camera straps too.

And so out of decades of experience, the finest Scandinavian elk-skin, high quality German-made components and a lot of passion came EDDYCAM – a uniquely comfortable, sturdy camera strap with an unmistakeable look. A product that quality-conscious photographers can rely on through thick and thin, for a whole lifetime.