The EDDYCAM online shop allows you to pay by advance transfer, via PayPal and credit card. Our customers in Germany and Austria can also pay by SOFORT Überweisung. Cash on delivery is also available for deliveries within Germany only.

Payment in advance (worldwide)

You pay the invoice total in advance by bank transfer to our account. The account details can be found in your order confirmation e-mail. We will process your order as soon as we have received the amount payable.

Payment via PayPal (worldwide)

If you would like to pay via PayPal, you will be forwarded to the PayPal website when placing your order. Log in with your PayPal details and confirm your payment to EDDYCAM. Once the payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from PayPal and we will process your order.

What is PayPal?
PayPal is an online payment service that lets you make payments quickly, easily and securely – and it’s completely free to sign up.

Your bank or credit card details are only stored with PayPal. This means that they are not resent over the Internet every time you make an online purchase - making PayPal payments extra secure. Paying is also very simple; all it takes is two clicks, because you use the bank or credit card details stored by PayPal, rather than entering them again for every purchase. In addition to this, you usually receive your purchases more quickly because PayPal payments clear quickly. This means that sellers can dispatch the goods immediately, so that they reach you sooner.

More information on PayPal can be found at

Credit card (worldwide)

At EDDYAM you are able to pay easy and safe with your credit card. We accept VISA or MasterCard.

The subsequent data is required if you would like to pay by credit card: Type of card, number and card validation code, name of the card owner and its validity. After the data is transmitted encrypted to Heidelberger Payment GmbH, our payment service provider, it will be processed. We will receive a real time confirmation of your payment and are therefore able to take care of your order immediately and ship as soon as possible.

Further information on payment by credit card may be found at

SOFORT Überweisung (only Germany and Austria)

The SOFORT Überweisung is an online-payment service and works on base of the reliable online banking. For using SOFORT Überweisung at EDDYCAM a internet capable bank account in Germany or Austria.

If you would like to pay by SOFORT Überweisung, you’ll be prompted to provide your banking information and be automatically forwarded to the secure payment form of your bank. Your data will be transmitted encrypted to your bank and once arrived, be taken over automatically. Afterwards you can confirm your payment – like you’re used to from your normal online banking – using the PIN/TAN-system, a HBCI-card or a HBCI key medium. We will receive a real time confirmation when cashed and are therefore able to process your order immediately and ship as soon as possible.

Further information on SOFORT Überweisung may be found at

Payment by cash on delivery (only Germany)

With this type of payment, you pay the invoice total in cash to your delivery person on receipt of your order. Please note that our shipping company DHL applies a transfer fee of €2 per delivery.


Available products are dispatched within 36 hours of receiving an order. Unavailable or low-stock items are marked as such in the shop.

Our sturdy cardboard packaging is carefully sealed with environmentally friendly tape, and can be separated and recycled.

We use DHL & Freeway Express Service as our shipping company, and packages are always insured and given a delivery tracking number. And our shipping charges are always fair and transparent.

Learn how we prepare our EDDYCAM camera straps for shipping:

Shipping Charges


Country Standard-Shipping Express-Shipping
ChargesDelivery TimeChargesDelivery Time
Germany 3,90 € (Nachnahme: 7,90 €)1-3 workdays 19,90 €1 workday (10:00)
Belgium 14,90 €3-5 workdays 29,00 €1-2 workdays
Denmark 14,90 €3-7 workdays 29,00 €1-2 workdays
Finland 14,90 €7-14 workdays 29,00 €2-4 workdays
France 14,90 €3-5 workdays 29,00 €1-3 workdays
Great Britain 14,90 €4-7 workdays 29,00 €1-3 workdays
Italy 19,90 €5-10 workdays 39,00 €1-3 workdays
Luxembourg 14,90 €3-5 workdays 29,00 €1-2 workdays
Netherlands 14,90 €3-5 workdays 29,00 €1-3 workdays
Norway 19,90 €5-10 workdays 39,00 €1-3 workdays
Austria 14,90 €5-7 workdays 29,00 €1-3 workdays
Poland 19,90 €5-10 workdays 39,00 €2-4 workdays
Sweden 14,90 €7-14 workdays 39,00 €1-2 workdays
Switzerland 19,90 €5-10 workdays 39,00 €1-4 workdays
Slovakia 19,90 €5-12 workdays 39,00 €2-4 workdays
Spain 19,90 €5-10 workdays 39,00 €2-4 workdays
Czech Republic 19,90 €5-14 workdays 39,00 €2-4 workdays
Hungary 19,90 €5-14 workdays 39,00 €2-4 workdays


Country Standard-Shipping Express-Shipping
ChargesDelivery TimeChargesDelivery Time
Australia 39,90 €14-18 workdays 49,00 €5-6 workdays
China 39,90 €20-35 workdays 49,00 €2-5 workdays
India 39,90 €20-30 workdays 59,00 €2-5 workdays
Japan 39,90 €20-30 workdays 49,00 €2-5 workdays
Canada 39,90 €20-30 workdays 49,00 €1-2 workdays
New Zealand 39,90 €14-28 workdays 49,00 €5-6 workdays
Russia 49,90 €20-30 workdays 69,00 €2-6 workdays
Singapore 39,90 €14-28 workdays 49,00 €3-6 workdays
South Korea 39,90 €20-40 workdays 49,00 €5-6 workdays
USA 39,90 €20-40 workdays 49,00 €1-2 workdays
Rest of the world 49,90 €~20-30 workdays 69,00 €~5-6 workdays
Other countries on request


Under our returns policy, you may return goods within 14 days of receiving your order. Shipping costs for returns must be paid by the sender.